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Basketball Camp Toolkit

Get the essential ​resources needed to run successful basketball camps!

The Basketball Camp Toolkit Contains Essential Resources For Running Successful Basketball Camps

​For Basketball Coaches & Trainers

Dear ​basketball coach,

Have you ever wanted to turn your passion of coaching basketball or personal training into a real, legitimate business, while still positively impacting the youth?!

If so, this is your lucky day!

The Basketball Camp Toolkit contains core essential documentation and information ​you need to run successful basketball camps.

The Basketball Camp Toolkit includes the following 3 PDF files:
  1. Basketball Camp Essentials Checklist
  2. Location Search Cheatsheet
  3. Lesson Plan Template
These 3 PDF files have served me well. Using the information contained within, I've run over 1,000+ basketball camps!

Due to the success of my basketball camps, I was able to quit my "real" 6-figure paying job (since 2016). My mission in life is to help other basketball coaches and personal trainers to do the same thing!

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RESULTS: Discover How Coach Berry's Basketball Camp Toolkit Revolutionized How Others Run Basketball Camps Throughout The World

​​"Youth Hoops Academy has been a valuable asset for my basketball camp business. Coach John Berry has taken his knowledge and developed a step by step system for  anyone to follow.

I have been in the business of basketball for over 25 years as a collegiate head coach and camp director. The Youth Hoops Academy program has helped me take my camp business to a new level. I strongly recommend the Youth Hoops Academy!"

- Adam T., Minneapolis, MN

"Youth Hoops Academy is fantastic resource for those wanting to run there own basketball camps. 

But it is also a great resource for business development, skills training and player development for all levels of basketball business start-up."

- Andre N., Beckley, WV

"I found ​Youth Hoops Academy to be invaluable when it came to providing a proven framework to build a successful camp business.

The support and inspiration from other coaches has helped tremendously."

- Chip B., Chapel Hill, NC


​Hi, my name is Coach John Berry, and the only question you need answering right now is ​whether I can help you.

Since 1993, I've coached youth basketball, and have ​spent over 10+ years directing successful basketball camps in the United States. ​At multiple levels (including recreational, travel, AAU, junior varsity and varsity), I've ​coached over 2,000 kids and 1,000 basketball games.

As founder and leads skills development coach and director for Youth Hoops Basketball Camps​ (since 2008), I've run year-round camps, which emphasize fundamental skill development, basketball IQ, and life lessons.

In 2016, ​I decided to take ​my knowledge and experience, and use it to help other coaches ​run their own basketball camps. This is how ​Youth Hoops Academy was birthed.

Now, Youth Hoops Academy is ​a full-time initiative. Since it's inception, I seriously love spending my days creating content, and supporting the members.

Download The Basketball Camp Toolkit
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