​Youth Hoops Shooting Camp Videos

​Has your kid ever wanted to attend basketball camp, but couldn't due to timing (and/or locale)? Guess what, ​this is no longer a problem!

​​For the first time, Youth Hoops​' is releasing its shooting camp skill development videos!

Now your kid may practice whenever, and wherever ​s/he wants. The videos may be ​viewed in a stand-alone manner, or as a great supplement to an existing Youth Hoops camp.

​​​​Youth Hoops ​shooting camp videos entails the following:

  • Excellent video demonstrations of all Youth Hoops ​shooting camp drills.

  • ​Access to over 55 shooting skill development drills.

  • ​​​Videos are ​grouped into 7 sessions, plus ​​a warm-up video (drills to be performed prior to engaging skill development drills).​

  • ​​Access to a ​blog of basketball tips and drills.

  • ​​​​Direct-line interaction with Coach Berry and basketball community via ​online forum.

Youth Hoops ​Shooting Camp Videos - 25% Off

(Normally $34.99)



Maximize growth & development

Increased confidence

​​24 hour & mobile access​